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Some URLs Sam likes for various reasons:

>Headless -- D.E. Harding's amazing Headless Way. Zen for the 21st Century. Do the experiments sincerely and you'll never be the same (while simultaneously always being the same One).

>Adyashanti -- Liberation Teacher par excellence

>Eckhart Tolle -- For when you've suffered enough

>Clearsigt | Gurukula -- Sharing awakening in Melbourne

>Unmani -- Meetings in Not-Knowing

>Nirmala -- Endless Satsang

>Non-Duality America -- Devoted to celebrating the message of nonduality

>Lynn Webb, Photographer -- Some very impressive landscape photography of the Western Australian hinterland.

>Archengine -- Cutting edge Australian architecure

>The Cove Chalets -- Where Sam prefers to holiday